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Whey Protein For Women. Is It Healthy?

Whey Protein For WomenIs whey protein for women?

Is it a healthy option?

Ok, let me clarify something about whey protein for women.

All human being consume proteins (meat, chicken, egg whites, etc.) And whey protein is another source of high-quality protein!

Then. What’s the problem if whey protein is consumed by a woman?

There is no problem! Women can consume whey protein! 😀

But wait, there’s more…

Whey protein supplements are increasing their sales around the world. Because whey protein is an incredible option to consume high-quality proteins. In fact, whey protein has incredible medical properties.

Yes, I’m not crazy 😛

Let me explain some of its benefits

Whey protein improves performance?

Most athletes know whey protein as a high-quality protein, and they consume it every day.

Its Biological Value is very high. And it’s already accepted as a good source of proteins to tone and build your muscles. When you are following a good exercise program.

Many studies where whey protein is compared with casein protein show an increment in work capacity and peak power for the athletes consuming whey protein.

These studies were performed in time ranges longer to 3 months. And the conclusion is always the same “whey protein supplements improve performance and musculature of athletes”

Whey Protein For Women. Is It Healthy?

Can whey protein decrease cortisol, depression and stress?

First, you need to know what cortisol is…

Cortisol is a catabolic hormone (you will lose muscle if your cortisol levels are high). And all athletes are always interested in controlling its levels for obvious reasons.

The beauty of whey protein is that it contains L-Tryptophan. This amino acid increases brain serotonin levels. And serotonin improves the ability of people to cope with stress, depression and decrease cortisol.

Then if you consume whey protein constantly. You will have higher levels of plasma tryptophan. Due to this, you will benefit from higher levels of serotonin in your brain to decrease your cortisol, and cope with daily problems (stress, etc.)

Whey Protein For Women. Is It Healthy?

Whey protein for HIV

Whey protein is incredible to suppress viral loads. It also helps improving immunity problems in people with HIV.

People with HIV have a deficiency of glutathione. And the glutathione is an antioxidant very important for human body. This antioxidant is very effective to modulate immune function

Whey protein has the capacity to increase glutathione levels of people with HIV. Due to this, people with HIV can improve their quality of life.

For other hand, people with HIV suffers from wasting syndrome (they lose weight and muscle mass progressively). For this, the solution is a combination of weight training and whey protein supplementation. There are scientific studies about this perfect combination for HIV patients.

Whey protein for blood pressure

People with blood pressure problems have to consume medications for blocking the effects of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). With this medicament, people put their blood pressure under control quickly.

Then, where whey protein helps?

Whey protein contains peptides known as lactokinins. These peptides have mild inhibitor effects in ACE (these effects were shown in vitro). They are not potent inhibitors, but they can help with the prevention of treatment of high blood pressure.

Whey protein for chronic fatigue

An explanation for the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is that immune system and muscular system develop a competition for glutathione (GSH) precursors. And the immune system always wins this competition because is most important for survival. Due to this, the muscular system has not the adequate quantity of GSH precursors to work.

Whey protein can increase glutathione levels in the body. Then, It’s a perfect allied in chronic fatigue treatment.
Whey protein protects gastrointestinal system

Scientific studies have shown that alpha-lactalbumin contained in whey protein can protect gastric injuries as well as antiulcer medication.

It’s important to emphasize that alpha-lactalbumin showed dose-dependent protection.

For this case, one of the best whey proteins is whey protein isolate because has high amounts of alpha-lactalbumin.

Now that you have this info. Is whey protein for women?

Sure yes! Whey protein is an incredible nutritional ingredient, and you need to add it to your daily diet.

The benefits of whey protein are incredible and now you know it.

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